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Email Marketing is not new in Digital Marketing; It’s one of the most popular form of Digital Marketing. It’s a push marketing technique where promotional or transactional emails are pushed to subscribers email inbox. Despite the rise of other digital marketing tools and techniques, Email Marketing still remains as most popular form of digital marketing. Any successful online marketing campaign is incomplete without the incorporation of Email Marketing. Email marketing is also very useful in retaining the existing clients and cross promotion of company’s product and services. From large enterprises to SME, everyone is using Email Marketing to reach directly to their customers and prospects. Bulk Email Marketing is extremely cost effective when you wish to reach large customer database. However success of Email Marketing depends on the quality of your database and techniques of email marketing.

At Digital Ad Quest, we keep Email Marketing at second position just after search engine marketing in terms of reach and ROI. We provide cost effective bulk email marketing services to our clients all over India, especially in Delhi, NCR region. With our Bulk Email Marketing services you can seamlessly reach your customers or prospects and will get better ROI from your investment in Bulk Email Marketing. Also being a leading web agency, we provide complete one stop solution for all your email marketing requirement. We provide HTML Mailer Designing Services and Landing page designing services to support and make your Email Marketing even more successful. We are one of the leading bulk email marketing service provider in Delhi India. Also we can help you setup subscriber form on your website to collect the list of subscribers. From data collection to data processing to mailer designing to email campaign to report analysis and improvement, we can help you in all sorts of your email marketing requirement to make your email campaign successful.

Features of our
Bulk Email Marketing Software Application

Our feature rich bulk email marketing software will give wings to your email marketing campaigns and ensure that you get best ROI from your Email marketing program, Listed below the general features of our bulk email marketing software.

  • Web Based Application: With our web based application or bulk email marketing software, you have the flexibility to use and send emails from anywhere.
  • SPAM Free Email: With our bulk email marketing services, we make sure that your emails land into the inbox of your customer and prospects, We ensure 90% Inbox Delivery.
  • List Management: Manage unlimited number of lists and import subscribers list directly from an excel or .csv file in a bulk, Duplicate and incorrect email IDs are filtered out.
  • Campaign Management: We have pre-designed Email Templates to start your email campaign immediately, Also there is an option to design & save your custom email templates.
  • Text, Image and HTML Emails: With our Email Marketing Platform, you are free to send emails in various formats like only text email, only image email or an HTML Email having both text Images and Links etc.
  • Mobile friendly Emails: You can send mobile responsive emails, which fits well and looks good on all devices. Our Bulk Email platform supports email templates built responsive using media query.
  • Unlimited Sender ID: You can add and manage unlimited verified Email Ids as Sender ID and can send different Emails from different Sender Name and Sender ID.
  • Bounce Management: Our Bulk Email Marketing Software automatically manages the bounce email IDs, so that you do not need to manually filter bounce emails and saves you from email going waste on next send.
  • Opt-Out Management: Now it’s mandatory to give an option to un-subscribe in your email, Our Email marketing software has this feature, where your subscribers can opt-out from your email.
  • Social Media Integration: Engage your customers on social media by integrating social media links and social share option to your customers to like and share your email content with their networks .
  • Test Send & Schedule: We have the facility in our bulk email marketing software where you can send test emails before final sending, Also you can schedule your emails for a particular day and time.
  • Reports: From the report section, you can track number of emails opened, click through rate, bounces and opt-outs etc. You can also see the email IDs who opened your email and clicks as well.

Plan & Pricing of our
Bulk Email Marketing Services in Delhi India

Every business has a different requirement, Below is the pricing of our bulk email marketing services with different slabs and quantities of emails to suit your requirement.

1 Lac Emails

Rs. 6000 Only

Costing: 6 Paise Per Email
Validity: 12 Months
Payment:100% Advance

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2 Lac Emails

Rs. 10000 Only

Costing: 5 Paise Per Email
Validity: 12 Months
Payment:100% Advance

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5 Lac Emails

Rs. 20000 Only

Costing: 4 Paise Per Email
Validity: 12 Months
Payment:100% Advance

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10 Lac Emails

Rs. 30000 Only

Costing: 3 Paise Per Email
Validity: 12 Months
Payment:100% Advance

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1. As an email marketing agency, we strictly do not support spamming. By SPAM means we follow the definitions given on Spamhaus Website, Please follow the proper guidelines before using our email marketing services. 2. As a best practices of Email Marketing, Please do not sell, purchase or rent email lists and respect the privacy of the people. We believe in the consent based email marketing and thus allow emails to the lists where user have given consent to receive emails. 3. Violating any of our terms of usage may leads to the termination of our services to you and/or your company and in such cases no refund request will be entertained. 4. The emails will be delivered in inbox or spam depending on the email campaigns and email services provider.

Benefits of
Bulk Email Marketing

Email marketing presents more opportunities for your business and drives a better ROI. With email marketing, your business can create deeper and direct relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of other marketing medium.

Highly Targeted

While all other medium of marketing is non-targeted, Email marketing solves this problem, here you can send emails targeting a specific sections of the list and you can control who see what kind of emails.

Broad Reach

Bulk Email Marketing has the broader reach as compare to any other means of marketing as sending an email to India or sending the same email to USA will take same amount of time, resources and costing.


Bulk Email marketing can be personalized as per the preferences of the subscribers, You can send different content to different section of your list, also personalized emails yields better open rate and gives you better ROI.

Cost effective

Email marketing is very very cost effective as compared to any other means of digital or traditional marketing. Sending an email to anywhere in the world will cost you the same and thus give you a better ROI.


Bulk email marketing is measurable as here you can track the performance of your email campaign easily, you can see who has opened your email and what kind of action is taken on your mail, you can also track the conversion.

Easily Shareable

Emails can be easily forwarded to another person and thus it gives you an opportunity to even reach non-subscribers and can further help in increasing your email list by putting a link in your email linked to subscription form.

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