Exit Intent Popup

Exit Intent Popup & Integration

Exit Intent Popup: Great to improve conversion from your website. Traditionally people were using normal popups which display on websites once you enter it or it displays after a pre-set time, after entering the website.

I am sure you don’t like such pop-ups if you are visiting a website, and yes everyone does the same. Such pop-ups generally irritate the website visitors and hinder the user experience. Visitors often leave these websites after seeing those irritating pop-ups. There is a better way of doing the same and that is exit intent popup.

Exit Intent Popup

These pop-ups only display when a user is going to leave your website. It monitors the mouse scrolling; once a user takes his mouse pointer above the viewport to close the website or to type a new URL, Exit Intent Popup appears. Website visitors are not distracted as it does not block the content for the website visitors. Exit Intent Popup displayed when he was already decided to leave your website, so it does not affect the user experience on your website. Also with this pop-up, you may hold him for some more time and can offer him a deal.

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Use Case For Exit Intent Popup

Generally, you can use this pop-up for anything on your website, It really works (Did you tried to move out of our website, we too have this pop-up setup on our own website). Let us see some more use cases for Exit Intent Pop-Up.

  • Converting an abandoned sale: A visitor is just going to leave your e-commerce website and at the same time, a pop-up is displayed on the website with an irresistible deal. We are sure that the visitor will re-think his decision.
  • For Lead Capturing: You can use the Exit Intent Pop-Up with a contact form to capture a lead. Say for example a visitor has gone through the various pages of your website browsing your company services, now he has decided to leave your website. It’s the best time to put a contact form in front of him so that your sales team can contact him later.
  • For Website Sign up: It can be used to show a sign-up form when a visitor is going to leave your website or blog. If he liked the existing content of your website or blog, he is definitely going to sign-up for updates and offers from your website. And this could be the best time for asking for his name and email address.
  • Offering a Discount or a Deal: You can effectively use an exit intent pop-up to offer a discount or a deal when a website visitor tries to leave your website without making any transactions or contact. You can push him to re-think his decision and it really works.
  • Cross-selling Products & Services: You can integrate an exit intent pop-up for cross-promoting your company’s product and services on other pages. It can help you in increasing conversion and sales for your company.

There could be many other ways you can use Exit Intent Pop-Up on your website. Here are some samples of exit intent pop-ups taken from the internet.

Exit Intent Popup
Exit Intent Pop-Up On SmartzInfo.Com
Exit Intent Popup
Exit Intent Pop-Up On Our Own Website

Pricing: Exit Intent Popup Setup & Integration

This widget will be seamlessly integrated on your website and hosted on your server. So There is No Monthly Subscription and no chance of data theft as everything is controlled and hosted within your web environment. Pricing for the widget setup and third-party integration starts with as low as Rs. 5000 or USD 100 (One Time Only, No Recurring Cost). For more details on the pricing and setup process for the exit intent popup widget, request the custom proposal below.

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