Bulk SMS Pricing In Delhi, Noida, India

We provide the best yet affordable bulk SMS pricing in Delhi, Noida, India for both promotional as well as transactional SMS. We promise to match any competitor's SMS prices with similar features, delivery, and connectivity in India. We only use the premium and highest quality routes and guarantee the very best deliverability and speed. NOTE: Beware of companies that offer very cheap bulk SMS pricing (even lower than what most of the operators in India offer), they only give you low-quality delivery (or even no delivery in some of the cases) and fake delivery reports. Check our best and affordable Bulk SMS Pricing & Packages below and choose as per your requirements. NOTE: Currently we are not taking new clients for our Bulk SMS Services.

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Digital Ad Quest is one of the leading and most trusted bulk SMS service providers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, India. We provide cost-effective bulk SMS marketing services to our clients from various sectors in all over India.

As we provide cost-effective marketing solutions and services, our bulk SMS service is also no exception and that’s the reason we are trusted and backed by some of the top brands in India. We have created some of the pre-defined packages for our SMS services, you can check our promotional bulk SMS pricing and transactional bulk SMS pricing and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can send bulk SMS from anywhere using our cloud-hosted Bulk SMS Application, you just need a system with an internet connection. When it comes to our Bulk SMS services, we are highly focused on the deliverability of your messages and if we talk about the pricing we offer the best and affordable Bulk SMS Pricing in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram (Gurgaon), NCR, and all over India, contact us now.

Bulk SMS Pricing in Delhi India

As a leading bulk SMS service provider in Delhi, we understand that every company and business has a different need and thus our bulk SMS services in Delhi have different packages to choose from. Here’s our bulk SMS pricing in Delhi.


25000 SMS

RS. 7500USD 150Only
Costing: 30 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance

50000 SMS

RS. 13000USD 260Only
Costing: 26 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance

1 Lac SMS

RS. 20000USD 400Only
Costing: 20 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance

2 Lac SMS

RS. 36000USD 720Only
Costing: 18 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance


25000 SMS

RS. 10000USD 200Only
Costing: 40 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance

50000 SMS

RS. 18000USD 360Only
Costing: 36 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance

1 Lac SMS

RS. 25000USD 500Only
Costing: 25 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance

2 Lac SMS

RS. 46000USD 920Only
Costing: 23 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Month
Payment: 100% Advance

PLEASE NOTE: 1. We strictly follow the TRAI Regulation and allow SMS as per TRAI Rules. 2. DND/NDNC filter applicable for all Marketing/Promotional SMS. 3. Transactional SMS can be sent to DND Numbers as well and as per the TRAI rules, also they can be sent from a customized sender ID. 4. Sending both types of SMS requires DLT Registration, Sender ID Approval, SMS pre-approval, proper documents and user consent before sending. 5. 1 SMS = 160 Character = 1 SMS Credit 6. Applicable Taxes Extra.

FAQS: About Our Bulk SMS Pricing

Our Bulk SMS platform is 100% FREE to use (no hidden costs). You just need to buy SMS credits as and when you need to send bulk SMS to your customers. Here are the frequently asked questions about our Bulk SMS Pricing in India.

What’s difference in promotional and transactional SMS?

SMS; that is promotional in nature, Ex – when you send SMS to promote products or services, it is known as “Promotional SMS”. Whereas, the SMS that is sent when a transaction happens is known as “Transactional SMS”.

What will be the sender ID?

SMS goes with a Sender ID, In the case of our bulk SMS, your SMS will go with a sender ID having two alphabet characters followed by a six-digit number (Promotional SMS) or your company name in six characters (Transactional SMS).

Can I send the personalized messages?

Yes, you can send the personalized SMSes to your contacts if you have the details with you. For Example, you can send personalized messages with your contact names, like Dear Joe, etc, or with other details, if available with you.

How and where to upload the contacts / database?

Once you sign up with our SMS packages, we provide you the login details of your SMS panel where you can create multiple lists and you can upload your contacts/database (in MS Excel or .csv File) to the lists you have created.

Can I schedule the messages for future sending?

Yes, you can schedule your messages for any time in the future and your messages will be sent at the scheduled time (may slightly vary). So you can enjoy your weekends or holidays and your messages will reach your customers.

How much time will it take to deliver the SMSes?

Our panel has the capacity to send 3000 SMS/Sec, which means your SMSes will be delivered almost instantly (depending on the traffic). We still advise you to plan ahead during the peak (festival) season and follow TRAI rules.

Do you offer any discount on the Bulk SMS pricing?

Yes, we offer a discount when you sign up for bigger plans. Also, we run some seasonal discounts on all the bulk SMS pricing and packages (on our websites) which can be availed within a limited period of time during the offer.

What about DND Numbers?

DND stands for “Do Not Disturb”, these are the contacts who have opted-out from receiving the promotional SMS. As per the TRAI rule, we won’t send your SMS to contacts in the DND list, all DND numbers will be filtered out.

Will I get the reports of my SMS campaigns?

Yes, you will get the detailed reports in your SMS panel dashboard once you have sent your SMS campaigns. From the reports you can track, SMS delivered, SMS not delivered, DND numbers, and the link clicks (click-through rate).

What about the validity and customer support?

Our SMS plans and packages are based on the number of SMS credits along with their validity (usually 12 months). It means you are provided X number of SMS credits in total that you can use in the Y number of days (12 Months).

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For best Bulk SMS plans and packages in India, just check our Bulk SMS pricing and choose the one that meets your need. For any queries or questions, call us at +91-99712-72267 or email your requirement at [email protected].


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