WordPress Migration Services In Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, NCR, India

We are one of the leading WordPress Development Company in Delhi providing the best WordPress Development Services in India and all over the globe. Having a team that has got years of experience in WordPress Migration Services, we can transfer your WordPress website and blog from one web server to another also if you need we can help you transfer your website to a new domain. Migrating a WordPress website from one server to another never be as easy as we do. Here are some of the reasons why people need WordPress Migration Services.

  • Migrating To Good Web Host: Generally the prime reason for migrating a WordPress website is when you transfer your website to better host for better speed and pricing.
  • Changing Your Domain Name: There are the case when you need to change your domain name, it could be due to any reason, may be you have re-branded your company or got a better domain name.
  • Website Has Grown: We all start a website with a share hosting which usually have space and bandwidth limitations and once your website grows it needs a bigger space and more bandwidth.
  • Brand Splitting: You may need to trasfer a part of your website to new web host and/or to new domain name, this is very common when a big brand splits into two or more sub brands.
  • Migrating To Secure Server: Secury might be a reason sometime you need to migate your website to more secure web host. There are some hosts which does not use proper security.
  • Migrating For SEO Benefits: This is again a more common reason you need your website to be migrated, if you feel your current web host is effecting your SEO efforts, you move to a new host.

Our WordPress Migration Service Process

Whatever the reason is for your WordPress website migration, we can do that quickly and efficiently, we follow a proper process in our WordPress Migration Services and that’s the reason we never go wrong. You can trust us for your site transfer.


We are very confident with our services, still we take the backup before starting our WordPress Website Migration Process so that if things don’t go as expected we can restore the website.


We trasfer all your WordPress website files from the current web server to the new web host and the process is completely secure. We transfer all your files to new web server safely and securly.


This is the most critical part in WordPress website transfer and thus we take utmost care in our WordPress Migration Services to migrate the WordPress databse securly to the new server.


Once all the files and database is migrated to the new server, we do all the configuration required at the new server and within your WordPress to make your site live on your new server.