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As you are here on this page, we assume you understand, how important is the speed of your website, not only for your website visitors but also to improve your ranking in organic search results. Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services will significantly increase your website speed and make it faster to ensure great user experience on your website and improved search ranking. So, if you are looking for the best WordPress Website Speed Optimization Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, NCR, India, then your search ends here forever. Do check our Pricing and Plans for WordPress speed optimization services in India. We do provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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In today’s time, the speed of the website matters a lot especially if you are running an online business or if your website helps you generate leads and business for your company. No one likes a slow website, neither you nor your website visitors. Even search engines do not like slow websites. A fast website ensures great user experience for your website visitors and improved engagement on your website.

It also helps you in SEO to improve your website ranking in search results. With our WordPress Speed Optimization Services, we improve your WordPress website speed significantly that can be easily noticed.

As a leading website development company for so many years, we provide a wide range of WordPress Development Services which includes our WordPress Website Speed Optimization as well. We can increase the speed of your website significantly that you can easily notice while scrolling your website and not only that you can track the improvement of your website speed with the help of various speed measuring tools. While working on to speed up your website, we keep all the design elements of your website intact. So, in case if you are struggling with a slow website that fails to generate enough business for your company, try our website speed optimization services and feel the speed in your business.

Here’s where one of our clients started: So, you can check here the report of one of our clients website before speed optimization. It’s terrible (extremely slow), isn’t it??

WordPress Speed Optimization Services Report (Before)

Here’s what we did magic to his website: The client hired us for their WordPress speed optimization services and you can see the magic yourself (speed increased significantly).

WordPress Speed Optimization Services Report (After)

Why You Need To Speed Your Website?

In today’s time when things are getting faster and faster, no one has that much patience to wait for your website to load if it takes so much time to load your website. If your website takes even a few seconds more than the average load time, you lose a significant amount of your website visitors. One second delay in website load could cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in sales, read the post for amazing data about business loses due to slow websites. In case if you still have any doubts or questions, let us tell you some benefits or reasons why you need to improve the speed of your website.

  • Visitors Like Fast Websites: When a visitor can find the same servces or information from many different website then just think why they will spend those extra time and wait for your website to load, they leave your website.
  • More Engagement: Faster website means a better user experience on your website which ultimately leads to a better engagement with your website visitors on your business website.
  • More Page Views: If your website loads fast, a visitor can view more pages of your website in the same time that he spends on your website, which means more page views. We all prefer to close slow loading websites immediately.
  • Low Bounces Rate: More engagement and more pages views ultimately leads to a low bounce rate on your website which is one of the most important ranking factor that Google and other search engines consider.
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking: Google recommends fasts loading websites, which means if you website loads fater, you have better chance of ranking your website in search results.
  • More Leads & Business: Improved search engine ranking, better engagement and more page views what else you need for better conversion and sales to generate more leads from your business website or blog.

Our WordPress Website Speed Optimization Process

We have years of experience in WordPress, we have developed and optimized 100+ WordPress websites, blogs. We follow a proper process in our WordPress Speed Optimization Services and that’s the reason we actually never go wrong.

Backup Website

We are very confident with our services, still we take the backup before starting the Speed Optimization Process so that if any thing go wrong we can restore the website from the backup.

Configure Everything

We configure and optimize your website code, database, images, files and other assets. Also we install all the require plugins which we will be needing in our speed optimization process.

Setup Things

We install and setp the cache plugin and further optimize the all type of rich media content and then adding lazy loads to all big media files to make sure these things won’t affect the site speed.

Optimize Speed

Further, we twick and remove all unnecessary things and then optimize the speed of your website so that you can enjoy the improved user experience and the faster speed of your site.


Here’s our simple plans and pricing for our WordPress Speed Optimization Services for different levels of optimization. Choose the one that best matches your requirements, also you may write to us if you have custom requirement.

View: Price in Indian Rupees Price in US Dollars

Fast Speed

RS. 10000USD 200One-Time
Full Website Backup
Basic Performance Scanning
Basic Webite Optimization
Images Optimizations
Testing & Analysis (QA)
Before & After Speed Report
100% Money Back Guarantte

High Speed

RS. 15000USD 300One-Time
Full Website Backup
Deep Performance Scanning
Pro Webite Optimization
Pro Images Optimizations
Testing & Analysis (QA)
Before & After Speed Report
100% Money Back Guarantte

High Speed

RS. 15000USD 300One-Time
Full Website Backup
Deep Performance Scanning
Advanced Webite Optimization
Advanced Images Optimizations
Testing & Analysis (QA)
Before & After Speed Report
100% Money Back Guarantte

Please Note: Plans and pricing given above is for small to medium website. 100% Money-Back Guarantee is applicable only when we can not improve the speed of your WordPress website (we will show you the report). There will be an additional cost for premium plugins. If you are not using a good web host, we may ask you to change your hosting company.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services Includes

For years we have worked on hundreds of WordPress website speed optimization projects and thus we know what works the best with different servers. Here’re some of the activities that are included in our website speed optimization process.

Cache Setup

We use the best cache plugin and do the proper cache setup that will take care of image loading, HTML, CSS minifications and ensure that your website is properly setup and cache optimized to load your website faster than before.

Optimize Database

Over the time databases can become bloated with unnecessary content and thus becomes heavy. We can remove all outdated contents like outdated comments, trash, revisions etc. to make you database lean and faster.

Optimize Images

We all know images takes the major chunks of bandwith and makes a website loads slower. We optimize and compress the images on your website and use the lazy-load technic to further improve the speed of your website.

Remove Plugins

Plugins adds functionality to your WordPress website but there are some plugins which are badly coded or there could be a single plugin that can be use for multiple functionalities, we remove those un-nessesary plugins.

Optimize Site Coding

Using a badly coded WordPress Theme or having a theme that includes lots of unnecessary functionalities buit-in the theme which you are not using all, we will optimize the theme code and make it leaner to speed your site.

Other Optimizations

We also take care of other speed optimizations required on your website, which includes – fixing bad requests, fixing and handling brute Force, hot linking of images etc. that consumes a heavy chunk of your site bandwidth.

FAQS: About Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services

We understand that you might have some queries about our WordPress Website Speed Optimization Services and Pricing. Here are the frequently asked questions (that we usually get) about our WordPress Speed Optimization Services.

How long does the speed optimization process takes?

It depends on the size of your website, content in your site, and the package you choose. A small or medium website with our fast-speed package will take approx 10-15 working days. It may take more time if it has more images.

Will your work or the process break my website?

No way, we thoroughly test all the optimization work we do on your website to ensure your website works properly. In a very unusual case, if anything goes wrong, we take the back before starting the work, we can restore your website.

How much faster my website will be?

It depends on the plan you choose and how complex your website is or what all different features and functionality you are using on your website and your server configuration. But, you can clearly see the difference after optimization.

How do you measure the speed of the website?

We measure the speed performance with GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights. We will also send you the speed report of your website before and after the optimization work so that you can see the difference.

Do you work on WooCommerce websites?

Yes! We do work on WooCommerce sites, in fact, we’re WooCommerce experts and have worked with hundreds of WooCommerce websites to improve the site speed. We can improve your WooCommerce website speed too.

Which WordPress Plugins you will work with?

When optimizing the speed of the WordPress website, some of the plugins we work with are W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, Short Pixel, P3 Profiler, and various other plugins depending on your requirements. Premium plugins will cost additional.

Do you recommend using a CDN or change web hosting?

CDN is good if you target global visitors, for a small business website targeting a specific country, and having the server in the same country may not require a CDN. Though, we recommend a good web host for better speed.

What all info you need from our side?

We need the WordPress administrator account and an FTP account (or your web hosting account details). Be assured, your website data will be safe with us and once the work is completed, you can change the login credentials.

Can you also fix the other WordPress issues?

Yes, but that’s not included in our WordPress Speed Optimization Services and Packages. We can send you the quote as per your specific requirement. You can also check our other (all) pre-defined WordPress Related Services.

Can you transfer my website to other web hosting server?

Yes, we would be happy to assist you, we offer a dedicated WordPress migration service. Do note that the current web server should be WordPress compatible in order to migrate your website to the current web server.

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