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At Digital Ad Quest, we are pioneer in Bulk SMS services in Delhi. We provide cost effective bulk SMS services to our clients all over India, especially in Delhi, NCR region and thus we have become one of the leading and most trusted #1 Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi, India. With our Bulk SMS services you can seamlessly reach your customers or prospects and will get better ROI from your Bulk SMS Campaigns. We provide both promotional and transactional SMS gateway as per your requirement.

Also as we strictly follow the TRAI regulation we help you use this most popular marketing channel in a most ethical way. With our innovative web based control panel you can send your bulk SMS with just a single click from any device, Also you can track the reports and measure the conversion on real time basis. Compare our Pricing for Bulk SMS and choose the most trusted Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi India as your Bulk SMS Service partner, We want to be your partner in your growth. Also you can contact us and Request for a Demo of our Bulk SMS Panel.

Bulk SMS has its own history; It’s one of the most popular channel to reach customers and prospects. It’s a push marketing technique where promotional or transactional SMS are sent to mobile numbers in bulk. With TRAI putting regulations on Bulk SMS, Some marketers thought that now it’s the end of Bulk SMS Marketing but it is not the case at all, with the new rules it allows ethical way to send Bulk SMS to mobile users. Also as mobile phones reaching to every hand, It provides even more opportunity to marketers using Bulk SMS services to promote their company product and services, and in that case who else will be the better than the most trusted Bulk SMS Service provided in Delhi.

Today almost every company from large enterprises to SMEs are using Bulk SMS Services to reach directly to their customers and prospects. Bulk SMS is extremely cost effective when you wish to reach large customer database as compared to any other medium. Every company wants to set them apart and ahead when it comes to provide customer service and thus it becomes even important to send transaction based SMS instantly as a part of their excellent service. Use our Bulk SMS services in Delhi, India and reach your target audience instantly.

Features: Bulk SMS Services in Delhi India

It’s not without reason that we have become one of the leading bulk SMS service provider in Delhi, India, It’s the features of our bulk SMS platform that makes us wear the crown of #1 Bulk SMS service provider in the city.

  • Web Based Application: We have easy to use web based control panel so that you can send your bulk SMS hassle free and instantly anytime, every time and from everywhere.
  • Instant Delivery: SMS are meant for instant reach, what is the use of that message which does not deliver at the right time, We ensure that our bulk SMS are delivered instantly.
  • Flexible List Import: We have multiple option for you to import your mobile list for Bulk SMS giving you a flexibility to manage your mobile data and list as per your choice.
  • DND Scrubbing & Re-credit: We strictly follow the TRAI regulation and thus filter out DND numbers from your list for all your promotional campaigns on real time basis.
  • Custom Sender ID: We do provide the custom Sender ID with six character alpha letters as per your requirement, so that your SMS resembles your company name and brand.
  • SMS Scheduling: With our Bulk SMS services in Delhi you get the flexibility to send your message immediately and also if you need you can schedule your SMS to be sent at specific time.
  • SMS Personalization: Also you can send personalized SMS with the users details with their first name or last name, a personalized SMS has better conversion rate.
  • Multiple Route Connectivity: We have the dynamic connectivity of multiple routs and networks to ensure seamless and instant delivery of your SMS to your users.
  • MIS Report: Our system provides you with the comprehensive report of your Bulk SMS activity like delivered and non delivery report, DND numbers and invalid numbers etc.
  • Track Click Through: As today every mobile phone is a Smartphone, and thus you can send clickable links in your SMS and can easily track the Click Through in Reports.
  • No setup fees and No hidden costs: We are very clear on our Bulk SMS pricing, There is no setup fee at all and there is no hidden cost of any type. Simple, Clear & Reliable.
  • Free Premium Support: Our expert support team will always be ready to help you in your SMS campaigns, We provide premium support via chat, email and phone to make your SMS campaign successful.

Pricing For Our Promotional Bulk SMS Services in Delhi

Every company and business has a different requirement and thus we have multiple options to choose from, Below is the pricing of our bulk SMS services with different slabs and quantities of SMS to suit your requirement.

25000 SMS

Rs. 3750 Only

Costing: 15 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Months
Payment: 100% Advance

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50000 SMS

Rs. 6500 Only

Costing: 13 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Months
Payment: 100% Advance

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1 Lac SMS

Rs. 11000 Only

Costing: 11 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Months
Payment: 100% Advance

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5 Lac SMS

Rs. 50000 Only

Costing: 10 Paise Per SMS
Validity: 12 Months
Payment: 100% Advance

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For Transactional SMS or for Other SMS Quantity, call us at +91-99109-30884 or email us at info@digitaladquest.com

1. 1 SMS = 160 Character = 1 SMS Credit 2. We strictly follow the TRAI Regulation and allow SMS as per TRAI Rules. 3. DND/NDNC filter applicable for all Marketing/Promotional SMS. 4. Transactional SMS can be send to DND Numbers as well, Transactional SMS are template based and requires SMS pre-approval and proper documents on user consent before sending. 5. Applicable Taxes Extra.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS provides a cost effective medium to marketers to reach their target users for their marketing campaigns. Bulk SMS is quick and easy, and if used properly it gives you better ROI for your investment than any other marketing medium.

Instant Deliverability

Bulk SMS are sent instantly, So with Bulk SMS services you can reach your target users in no time, Also you can tack the success of your SMS campaign on real time. Bulk SMS gives you quick result as compared to other medium.

Broad Reach

In today’s time everyone is using at least one mobile phone, it has even reached to remote areas where there is no internet access, and thus with Bulk SMS your marketing campaign reaches to your target users in no time.

Flexible Platform

Bulk SMS platforms are flexible to use, with the advanced bulk SMS software you can send millions of SMS with just a single click from any internet accessible devices, may it be laptop, desktop or an advanced Smartphone.

Fully Personalized

SMS are always personalized as it is for the person who receives the SMS, Also with the advanced bulk SMS services you can further personalize your messages with the user details like with their first name or last name etc.

Low Cost and High ROI

Bulk SMS is targeted and provides lowest cost per user reach and thus with the better open rate Bulk SMS gives you the best ROI from your SMS campaign, Every penny spent on SMS Marketing increases your business ROI.

High Reliability

Bulk SMS is reliable as in case of bulk SMS you need not have to struggle with Spamming and all like in Email Marketing, In Bulk SMS either the SMS gets delivered or does not deliver if the mobile number is invalid, Simple & Reliable.

Lets Get Your Project Started

You are at the right place if you want to take your business to next level with our Bulk SMS Services in Delhi, Contact us to discuss your requirement. You can call us at +91-99109-30884 or email your requirement at info@digitaladquest.com.

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