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On-Page SEO includes all the activities done on a specific web page to optimize it for search engines. On-Page SEO is the first and very important step in the whole process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Being one of the Best SEO Company in Delhi, we have the expert team to manage the On-Page SEO activities. We provide the best yet affordable SEO Services in India. We have set the complete process and strategy for effective On-Page SEO, to rank your website and to get more web traffic, more conversion, and low bounce rate.

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On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing a web page for search engines. On-Page SEO is the first step in the complete process of search engine optimization. It is more about the content and structure of a web page. It starts with re-structuring the HTML of your web page. Keyword research and writing/organizing SEO friendly content are also important in optimizing a web page. On-Page SEO is not only important for ranking your website high in search engines but also helps in conversion. A better-optimized web page will have a better conversion rate on your website.

Digital Ad Quest is one of the leading digital marketing company in Delhi, we provide On-Page SEO Services to our clients in India and all over the globe. We have the expert team for On-Page SEO Services. We don’t only optimize your website for search engines but also we put our efforts to give your website visitors a great user experience, which will eventually result in the low bounce rate. Also, we create a web structure in such a way that visitors navigate to your website as we want. This will result in a better conversion rate from your website.

Below we have listed a few of the On-Page activities we do, but these do not make us special. As most of the SEO companies will do the same kinds of stuff. What makes us different is the process we follow. Yes, you read it correctly. With our years of experience in search engine optimization, we have created a process that we follow in all our SEO projects. And trust us, we have been really successful in our SEO projects. We are just a call away, contact us for On-Page optimization of your website or web pages. On-Page SEO is indeed the first but the most important step in the process of the SEO to rank your website.

On-Page Optimization Includes

Being one of the best SEO Company in Delhi, We have adopted our own created and tested technique for On-Page SEO. Few of the On-Page activities are listed below but it’s not limited to these activities only, check here for more.

Meta Tag Optimization

Here we optimize the rich snippets section of your website pages, Which includes the title of your web page, meta description and meta keywords. Optimizing all these tags are very important in On-Page SEO Process.

Keyword Research

We do extensive research on the keywords related to your products or services. We use various tools to find out the best keyword for your web page, total number of searches and competition level of that keyword.

Content Optimization

Once we are finalized with the keywords for your web page, we gracefully optimize the content of your web page and place our primary keywords and its variants at the appropriate places maintaining the keyword density.

H1-H6 Tag Optimization

We optimize the heading tags (H1-H6) of the web page by including our primary keywords and its variants. Structural use of these tags are very important, it informs the search engines about the content of the page.

Anchor, Title, Alt Tag

Anchor Tag, Title Tag and Alt Tag are another critical factor in On-Page SEO. We create these tags (if missing) and optimize it with our appropriate keywords so that our web page ranks well in search engines.

XML SiteMap Creation

XML SiteMap is very important in informing search engines about our web pages. It informs the bots and request then to crawl and index our web page. Thus creating an XML SiteMap is very important for On-Page SEO.

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