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Optin Chat Widget

Optin Chat Widget: Do you think that forms on your websites are not able to get you more conversions and more leads? If yes, Then it’s time to re-think creatively to get better conversion from your existing website visitors. Whether you want your website visitors to subscribe or optin for your website or if you want to capture a lead from your website, ultimately you want your website visitors to fill a form on your website or blog or on landing pages.

In recent time we have seen a drop in conversion from the web forms. If you also feel that web forms on your websites are not able to get you enough leads and conversions, Then you should try Optin Chat Widget. It’s basically a chat bot which interacts with your website visitors and captures the leads or get the subscription for your website.

Optin Chat Widget

Optin Chat Widget – More Leads & Better Conversion

Optin Chat Widget is a chat bot which interacts with your website visitors when you are not online. Your website visitors feels that they are actually talking to a real person. Studies online shows that Optin Chat Widget can help you get upto 3 times more conversions from your existing website visitors and help you get more leads and more sales in a more effective way.

How Does Optin Chat Widget Work?

Optin Chat Widget is just like a normal chat widget. Generally It starts with a closed-ended question where a website visitor can answer as per the options provided. As per the visitor answer, chat bot asks the next question for more details and further it ask for visitor name and email ID etc. Once captured all the information, it sent them to the website admin or to your email marketing service provider for newsletter subscription.

Use Case For Optin Chat Widget

It can be used in a different way, It can actually replace your web forms and captures the details same as the web forms. Below are some of the use cases for Optin Chat Widget.

1. For Website Subscription: Generally website visitors are reluctant in sharing details in subscription form, This widget can be used creatively to get more subscription for your website. As it interacts with your website visitors just like a normal human. Website visitors trusts and shares the details. It can also be integrated with your email service provider.

2. For Lead Capturing: You can create a series of questions to understand your website visitors requirement. Chat bot automatically asks for the contact details and captures the details as a lead and once the chat is completed it sends all the captured details to the sales team for further follow-up with website visitors, Sales person will have all the info of the chat.

3. For Appointment Scheduling: This widget also helps you in scheduling meeting, appointment or a call time, interactively while chatting with your website visitors. Your website visitors feels that they have interacted with a real person of your company.

There are many other use case for this plugin. It’s up to your creativity and imagination. For any other use case, feel free to talk to our expert team.

Pricing: Optin Chat Widget Setup & Integration

This widget will be seamlessly integrated on your website and hosted on your server. So There is No Monthly Subscription and no chance of data theft as everything is controlled and hosted with in your web environment. Pricing for the widget setup and third-party integration starts with as low as Rs. 5000 or USD 100 (One Time Only, No Recurring Cost). For more details on pricing and setup process of Optin Chat Widget Setup & Integration, request the custom proposal below.

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