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With the growing popularity of search engine marketing as well as social media marketing (PPC advertising model) here we bring our affordable PPC Packages in Delhi, India, where we help you advertise your business, products or services on social networks as well as with search engines. We have kept our PPC packages really simple and straight so that it is best suited for both small businesses as well as big enterprises. In case if you want to quickly generate leads for your company or want to promote your business, products, and services for more new customers, do check our PPC packages in Delhi, Noida, India. Let us help you generate more leads for your business.

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Affordable PPC Packages to all our clients in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, (Gurgaon), India and all over the globe. Being the pioneer in Digital Marketing Services, our aim is to provide PPC Pricing and plans as affordable as possible. Below is our predefined standard PPC Packages that you can choose from as per your business needs and requirements.

Affordable PPC Packages In Delhi, Noida, India

As a leading PPC Advertising Company In Delhi, India, We aim to provide the affordable and cost-effective PPC Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon Ghaziabad, India and in the whole world. When it comes to our PPC Packages, we are really straight forward and kept a simple pricing for any (all) size of businesses with any marketing budget. Our PPC pricing is the percentage of your marketing budget, which means if you are a small company and want to start with a low-budget, you will pay us less. With our PPC packages, we aim to grow your company and business, so that once you grow you can spend more and we can earn more. 🙂

Rs. 5000 or USD 100 Per PPC Ads Account (One Time)

20% of your Monthly Budget or a minimum of Rs. 10000 (USD 200) Per Month

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Core Services Included in our PPC Packages

As we have only a single PPC package for all our clients, you will get all the core services in our PPC Packages. Unlike the agencies who have different packages, puts a restriction of various services in their base PPC pricing and plans. It’s not the case with us, In our single PPC packages, we will manage all your ad accounts and advertising channels, no restrictions on any of the services. Here’s the core services, that are included in our PPC Packages in Delhi, India.

  • Text Ads & Banner Ads: In our PPC packages in Delhi, India, we will create unlimited sets of text ads and up to 3 sets of banner ads per advertising account as per your requirement.
  • Geo Targeting Setup: Geo Targeting is very important feature in PPC advertising, we will set the geo targeting and other targeting option to target the right audience for your ads.
  • Keyword & Ad Copy Optimization: We will optimize the keyword as well as ad copy so that you will get the best result with our PPC Packages in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, India.
  • Keyword Bid Optimization: Keyword bidding is the process of optimizing your keyword bids to get the maximum possible result with lowest possible CPC (Optimized Keyword Bidding).
  • Competitor Analysis: Competitor analysis is also included with our PPC Packages in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, India where we analyse one of your competitor’s advertisement.
  • A/B Testing: A/B testing is the process of testing the result with various sets of ads. We will do the proper A/B testing so that you will get the best results with lowest cost per click.
  • Google Analytics Setup: Tracking is very important when you spend money on advertisement, here we will do the advance Google Analytics Setup to track the performance of your Ads.
  • Support & Reporting: We provide the premium support (via phone and email) and will also send you the monthly reports of your advertising accounts and ad performance.

FAQS: About Our Packages In Delhi, India

Although we are very straight with our PPC pricing and plans, let us know if you still have any questions or queries. Here are some of the frequently asked questions (we usually get) about our PPC Packages from our clients in Delhi and all over India.

What’s difference between search engine marketing and PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement is a broader term used in marketing channels which includes search engine marketing as well as social media marketing. It’s an advertising model where you are charged on a per-click basis.

What is CPC and CPM (in terms of PPC advertising)?

CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions), both are payment models, in CPC you are charged on per click basis and whereas in CPM, you will be charged on the basis of per thousand impressions of your ads.

Is your PPC packages includes only Google Ads?

No, it includes all the digital marketing channels where they have the PPC advertising options which include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, etc. We provide advertising services in all of these marketing channels.

How does the PPC Package works (what all pricing includes)?

There are two pricing in our PPC packages, one is an initial setup fee, which is a fixed amount charged one time only to set up your account and another one is a monthly fee, which is our fee for creating and managing your ads.

Is there any minimum budget requirement for PPC Ads?

As such, there is no minimum budget required to start with PPC advertisement but you should have the optimum budget to get the desired result, our team will help you in the budgeting process for PPC advertisements.

Do you help us setting up the PPC advertising budget?

Yes, once you sign up with our PPC packages, we will start with the keyword analysis and understand your requirement and then we will figure out the CPC and advertising budget required to run the ads and to get the desired result.

Do you guide us in choosing the right advertising channel?

Yes, different businesses, products, or services need to be promoted on different advertising channels to reach the right set of audiences. We will go through your business, products, and services and suggest you the best channel.

How much time it takes to get the result with PPC?

Almost Immediately, Yes! It’s a paid advertising model where your ads start displaying almost immediately once you start the advertisement. That’s why PPC advertising is preferred over other digital marketing models like SEO etc.

Do you also help in landing page designing and optimization?

Yes, we do provide the landing page designing services (but that’s not included in the PPC packages given above). In case if you need landing page designing or landing page optimization, we can provide that service separately.

Do you offer any discount in your PPC packages?

Yes, we do offer a discount when you sign up for a longer period i.e. commitment for certain months. Also, we offer discounts if you go with a bigger PPC budget. Contact us at +91-99109-30884 or email [email protected].

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