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If you are looking for SEO reseller services to grow your agency, here we have come up with our 100% White Label SEO Reseller Program, where our proven SEO Reseller services will help you focus on your strengths and qualities, thus creating a win-win situation for your dream venture as well as your esteemed clients. We Do SEO Better Than Anyone Else. We have been working with many digital agencies as well as individual professionals and freelancers, providing them SEO reseller program, where we manage everything (complete SEO) under their own brand name.

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We are one of the leading SEO reseller service providers in India and as a team, we have years of experience in SEO and Internet Marketing Services, we have managed more than thousands of projects all over the globe. We have many clients, individual professionals, and SEO Reseller Partners from India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and other parts of the world.

We provide 100% White Label SEO Reseller Services not only in India but all over the world. Also, It’s very easy to join our SEO reseller program and outsource all your SEO work to one of the best SEO agency in India. We all know India is cost-competitive to outsource a project to, but we offer pricing that is even competitive in the Indian Market. No matter, you are an individual professional or a freelancer or a digital marketing company who wish to outsource their SEO services but want to keep everything white label and confidential, we offer an SEO reseller program where our specialist SEO team manages all SEO activities on your behalf and you manage your clients.

we will always be anonymous to your clients. In case if you or your agency still not offering SEO services, you can shake hands with us and start offering world-class SEO services to your clients. You can also join our SEO referral Program, where you just need to refer our services to prospects and we will manage everything. Once the sale is closed and the project is delivered, you will get your referral commission directly in your bank account (more details about the program is given below).

100% White Label SEO Reseller Services Program

We provide complete SEO and related services that includes On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, and E-Commerce SEO Services. Our SEO services are customized as per the needs of both small and medium businesses as well as big enterprises. We also provide SEO Content Writing Services to help create the search engine optimized content for your clients. Apart from this we also provide Google Penalty Recovery Services, thus having the wide range of SEO as well as related services, you can outsource everything to us and maximize your earnings. Our SEO reseller program can be very profitable. We have a very lucrative SEO reseller pricing model for bulk outsourcing the services that applies for both individuals as well as agencies.


The White Label Partnership Program is ideally suited to small and medium digital agencies and established companies that already have the client base and the ability to market services to a large number of clients and who wish to increase their delivery capabilities without increasing the costs. The White Label Partnership Program allows your company to offer our services under your brand name without the added responsibility of delivering these services to your clients. This means, you can sell the services under your own brand name, decide your own pricing and we will work as your extended team in India and would always remain anonymous to your clients.


The Referral Partnership Program is more suitable for individuals and freelancers or web designing companies who can recommend our services to their clients or prospects. You just have to recommend our services (no hassles of client management or project management) to the prospects and you will get your referral commission straight in your account. Your earnings will be secured for every successful project we generate through you (even you will get a commission on repeat sales to existing clients). The client you referred would never come to know about your referral commissions and would be grateful to you for referring them to a reliable service provider.

Features of Our White Label SEO Services Program

We have been partnered with many digital marketing agencies as well as individual professionals and freelancers all over the globe, providing them 100% white label SEO reseller services to their clients. Our partners admire us for the exclusive SEO outsourcing services we provide them and the best thing our partners like in our SEO reseller services is the privacy we maintained while executing the white label SEO reseller program by not disclosing our brand name to their clients with the services. Here are some of the features and USPs of our White Label SEO Reseller Services in India.

  • 100% White Label: When we say 100% white label, we really mean that, we never contact your client or put our brand name anywhere in the report knowingly. All SEO reports are white labeled, you can as it is forward that to client.
  • Client Ownership: Your clients will always be yours and all the credits (success) for the client and results of the campaign belongs to you. We will never claim the client or the success of the campaign or anything else as our own.
  • Your Own Pricing: You can charge anything to your client that is your decision and we will never ask you about that. You just have to pay us our SEO managing fee according to the service package you order and as per our mutual agreement.
  • Confidentiality: We maintain complete confidentiality in our SEO reseller services. If required we will sign NDA with you and we will never disclose anything about the project to anyone outside and will never contact the client directly.
  • Quality Work: Being in the business from so long, we assure you of quality SEO Services to your clients from our end. We can also help you in pre-sales support with proposals, templates and suggestions, if and when required.
  • Competitive Pricing: While India is cost-effective to outsource services to, we offer the most competitive seo reseller prices even within the Indian market and that too without compromising on quality in our SEO services.
  • On Time Delivery: Your clients are yours but we work on your client’s project as we work on our own client’s projects (we put your clients on priority). We assure you of on time delivery of the project, results from SEO as well as SEO reports.
  • Customized Report: We can send the customized reports as per your requirement or as asked by your client, imprinted with your brand name and other details, directly to the client from a generic email id like [email protected]

FAQS: About Our SEO Reseller Services In India

We are very transparent with our SEO Reseller services in India, still we understand there might be some questions about our SEO services. Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about our SEO reseller program.

What is SEO Reseller Services/Program?

Reselling is the process of selling someone else products or services. When you become our SEO reseller, you will sell our SEO services under your own brand name and outsource the work to us (i.e. we will provide the services).

Who can join your SEO reseller program?

There are no such limitations, anyone can join our SEO reseller program but it’s most beneficial for small and medium agencies or individual professionals and freelancers that are into the digital marketing or related fields.

How can I join your SEO reseller program?

You can contact us, if you want to join our SEO reseller services, or even if you want to know more about our SEO reseller program, our expert team will help you with all your queries regarding our SEO reseller services.

How to get started with your SEO reseller services?

It’s very easy to get started with our SEO reseller services program. Contact us and our team will help you with all the onboarding requirements and your queries. Believe us, you can get started easily in a week’s time.

How much can I make with your SEO reseller program?

It all depends on you, how many clients you have and what sort of pricing you are giving to your clients etc. The more clients you have, you can earn more and it’s up to you. For now, we can only say, the sky is just the limit.

Will my customers be exposed to Digital Ad Quest?

No, we will never contact your clients directly. Even if needed and as agreed with you, we will only contact the client under your brand name. Your clients will always be yours and so as their success, we won’t claim anything.

Do you also provide white label reports?

Yes, we do provide white label reports that you can edit as per your requirements and can send it to your client. Also, we can provide you the reports with your brand name so that you can directly forward it to your clients.

Why does someone outsource SEO services?

There are many benefits of outsourcing SEO services, to list a few, you will get expert SEO team to work on the project that will help you get the result faster and you can focus on managing your clients and business.

Can you handle customer support directly for me?

Yes, we can, as we have the dedicated support team as well but there will be a different agreement that we need to discuss before you handover the SEO project to us. We can discuss this once you get started with us.

Do you also provide support in marketing?

Yes, we do provide creative supports in marketing to our regular reseller partners but to qualify for that you need to get us some clients initially. Later we will provide all sorts of support you require in marketing the services.

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