3 Important Tips for Responsive Email Designing

Responsive Email Designing is basically designing an email for the devices of all screen sizes. Yes we are talking about all screen sizes not just desktop or mobile screens. A responsive email fits well in the devices of all screen sizes. See a responsive email in action !

What does that mean?

We usually make our emails for computers and laptop screens and only few people use mobile friendly emails. But what about other devices?

There are various devices with different screen sizes like mobiles, tablets, computers or laptops and also all theses devices comes in many screen sizes.

But why do we need to create Responsive Emails?

Oh yes, It’s just a couple of years back when we use to read emails on desktop only, but is the scenario same now?

Of-course “No”

Let’s take an example of our daily routine.

We wake up in the morning and even before we got out of the bed, we take our mobile and check emails. On an average we check our emails three or four times before we actually turn on our computer or laptop.

Also while traveling we use tablets or mobiles to check emails and even before going to bed in the night we use portable devices to check the emails again. This is what our general routine is, this may sound familiar to you also.

A recent survey says that more than 50% of emails are opened on the devices other than laptops and computers.

This is the time demand that now we should use responsive emails. Also read our article about HTML Email Designing Guidelines.

OK but how to create responsive emails?

Earlier it was not possible to create a responsive emails that fits well into all screen sizes. But ..

Thanks to “Media Query“.

Yes with the use of media query in our HTML mailer designing, we can actually create responsive emails, which will work like a charm in all devices with different screen sizes.

This is bit technical, Yes .. you should have some technical knowledge to use media query in your HTML mailer designing.

But this article is not about the use of media query or any other technique to create responsive emails. Here we will talk about 3 basic but very important tips that we should keep in our mind while creating responsive emails.

Let’s see what are those .. 3 important tips for responsive email designing.

1. Speed:

Do we know that more than 50% people read emails on mobile devices? Yes, So we should also know that internet connectivity are low in mobile devices as compared to LAN connection in our computers.

We should keep in mind that our emails should be open fast in all the devices. Keep the following things in mind to speed up your email opens in all devices, even on low connectivity.

Use less number of images.
Optimize the size of the images.
Use minimum coding in your email.

2. Simple Layout and clear Call to Action:

Generally we use to use multiple column layouts in our emails earlier. But now as our focus is on various devices with different screens, We have to be simple in our email layout designing.

Try using one column layout.
Do not use very small fonts.
Use less number of images.

Also there should not be many call to action button in our email.

Try using only one call to action button.
Use bigger call to action button.

3. Be Concise and Specific:

OK .. why do we send emails? We want to convey some message to people. Exactly! We should keep our focus on the message and try to avoid writing a story.

Everyone is very busy, we should respect their time and also we should keep in mind that people spend only few seconds on each emails, and if they are reading our emails on mobiles, we have only few seconds and limited space to convey our message.

So let’s forget writing a long story and be concise and specific to our message while creating an email.

These are few basic but important tips to improve your email performance on every devices.

Don’t know how to create responsive emails?

That’s OK. Not to worry, We at Digital Ad Quest provides HTML Email Designing services at a very affordable pricing.

See one of our responsive email template in action. You can also download these free HTML Mailer Templates.

Why do you need to outsource Email Designing?

You end up spending a lot on email marketing and on staff managing email campaigns but if your emails are not designed properly it won’t perform well and you end up losing business to your competitors.

Thus it won’t be a bad idea to hire an expert agency who can create beautiful and stunning emails that will perform well for your business.

We would love to hear from you. Write your valuable feedback in the comment section below.


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