SEO Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website Ranking

Here in this article, we are going to talk about some common SEO mistakes that can kill your website ranking. We all know the importance of SEO, it helps you rank your website at the top in the search engine result pages and it drives tons of organic traffic to your website. You cannot simply ignore SEO, considering the fact that more than 50% of website traffic (and more than 80% of the mobile traffic) today originates from Internet searches.

SEO has become the center of today’s digital age marketing. But, you should not overdo it either, because search engines have prescribed rules for optimizing your website or web pages and if you found violating the rules, your website might be penalized or ranked lower in search engine results and you obviously do not want this happen with your website. So here, let’s talk about some common SEO mistakes that you should avoid to rank your website at the top.

Common SEO Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website Ranking

SEO is a very big topic and there are many factors that affect SEO results. Being one of the top SEO company in India, we have noticed there are some common SEO mistakes that even professional SEO experts do. You can avoid these SEO mistakes to rank well in SERPs.

1. Issues With Website Loading Speed

The first and most important thing to check is your website speed. Search engines these days prefer and gives preferences to faster websites. When it comes to the SEO Services Delhi, when we start working on client’s website this is the first thing we do, we check the website speed. So if your website is not ranking well or if you notice a drop in your website ranking, you should start your investigation from your website speed, even improving a bit can help your website ranking.

There could be various reasons that could slow down your website. Here we recommend you to choose a good web hosting company and then optimize your website speed to the best possible way. Generally, we have seen that non-optimized images are the main reason behind these slow websites. But thanks to some awesome plugins and tools you can easily compress your website images so that they load faster. Remember, even a few second improvements in your website speed can help you lower down the bounce rate of your website and help you improve your website ranking.

2. Website Not Mobile Friendly

After reviewing hundreds of our clients’ websites whether small local businesses to the big corporate ones, we have seen that most of them still using those old age website that is not mobile friendly. I am sure you won’t believe this but its true. The first thing we ask them to get their website re-designed. Google and other search engines give preference to the mobile-friendly websites. So if you want your website to rank well in search engines you should avoid this mistake. In case if you are not well-versed with website designing, consider hiring a Website Designing Company.

3. Still Not Using SSL (HTTPS)

Having SSL on a website is very crucial these days even if you do not accept payment on your website. Search engines these days started giving importance to those websites which are secure. Having SSL makes your website secure for your website visitors. Recently we have noticed that Chrome, the most popular web browser, started showing “Not Secured” in the URL bar for those websites not having SSL. If your website still does not have an SSL Certificate, you can contact your web hosting company and hire a Web Development Company India for the implementation.

4. Wrong Keyword Selection

Lack of proper keyword research is one of the most common SEO mistakes even the SEO experts make. Think of this way, if you optimize your web page for wrong keywords, it will affect your website in two ways, one, you will get the wrong traffic and second, as when a user won’t find the information they were looking for, bounce rate will also increase. Both of these things are not good for SEO. That’s the reason when it comes to SEO, we suggest, to spend more time on keyword research.

5. Ill-Optimized Meta Tags

Meta tags help search engines to understand a web page. We have seen many websites not optimized with meta tags and many of them were completely missed some of the meta tags. Here, I suggest you, to check each and every page if they are missed the meta tags or if meta tags are not optimized on those pages. Use targeted keywords in your meta tags and do not leave a single meta tag even if that could have a very little to do with your website ranking.

6. Stale & Un-Engaging Content

Who likes stale and un-engaging content, no one right? We all know “content is the king in SEO”, So if your website lacks content, add more content to your website. Do not try to copy content from other websites, that won’t do any good to your website raking. Instead, write original and engaging content. In case if your website already has stale content, re-write those pages so that the content becomes relevant and useful to your website users.

7. Keyword Stuffing

Those old days are gone now when keyword stuffing used to work great in ranking a website. Search engines these days have become very smart. Keyword stuffing won’t do any good to your website it will rather invite a penalty from search engines and your website rank might get pushed down even further. Try to maintain your keyword density in between 0.5% to 2%, the ideal I advise is to keep it about 1% of your total content (we always follow this rule). Use synonyms of your keywords and other keywords closely related to your target keyword as well.

8. Broken Links

Although broken links do not affect SEO ranking directly, it actually affects the user experience, which obviously will increase the bounce rate and that will have a negative effect on your website ranking. So if you want to rank your website at the top or if you want to provide good user experience to your website visitors, do a regular check on broken links on your website.

Although there could be many other factors as well, but these are some of the most common SEO mistakes we have seen while analyzing many of our client’s website. So if you notice a drop in your website ranking or if you want to rank your website in search engine result pages, these could be a starting point for you. Avoid these SEO mistakes that kill your website ranking and rank your website at the top, enjoy more organic traffic on your website.

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