Why Your Business NEEDS a Professional Website

Why Your Business NEEDS a Professional Website? As per an online statistics, almost 51% of the world’s population has internet access today, which is about 3.2 billion people use internet globally. If we talk about India, India has approx 500 million Internet users by now, which is growing really fast with every passing year.

Having a website for your business helps you reach new customers worldwide and grow your business further. But still, there are many small and medium-sized businesses which do not have a professional business website or a website at all. They either think they have been in business so long that the word of mouth is all they need to get new customers or they believe that they can get all their customers or clients using other online or offline mediums.

That’s not true, I am sure even without a website your business might be doing well, wouldn’t it be great if you could make a few more sales per month? But it’s not just about sales, there are many other reasons why your business needs a professional website.

10 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Professional Website

Unless you’re not interested in growing your business, there are many reasons you should have a website for your company or business. Here I will talk about the top 10 reasons why your business needs a professional website.

1. Your Customers Expect

A website is not for you, not for your company, it’s for your customers. Customers these days expect their favorite brand to have an online presence, as per a study more than 50% customers head straight to the company’s website for their product or service related information.

If you don’t have a professional website for your business, your customers may look somewhere else. These days a common belief is that if a company is so good and doing well then why they don’t have a business website, can’t they afford a website for their business or they don’t want customers to know about them or about their products or services.

2. Showcase Your Products And Services

Having a business website, you can showcase your products and services on your website. So that if there is a new product launch or if there are any changes in your product lineups and offerings your customers can easily know about that.

Big brands as they have huge marketing funds can advertise their product or services on televisions and on any other channels but for small and medium-sized business website does the job effectively. Even if you don’t sell your products or services online, your customers can check the information, specifications before making their decision to purchase your products offline.

3. Improves Business Credibility

Having a professional business website improves the credibility of your business. As per an online study, customers these days check the company’s website to find out if they have a contact address or contact numbers on their website. Not finding these pieces of information on the website, they feel the company is fake.

Now you can imagine if you don’t have a business website at all what your customers will be thinking about your business. If a business does not exist online, it simply means either it does not exist or it’s a fake business. Nobody gonna trust your business or offerings if you don’t have a business website unless you are a big and known brand.

I personally don’t know any of big brands not having their business website, all have that. This is one of the most important reasons why your business needs a professional website. If you want to establish credibility and trust, you should definitely have a business website, at least a basic one.

4. Attract New Customers

Although your business might be doing well with the existing number of clients or customers. But if you want to grow your business further and want to attract new customers, your website can help you. Of course, you can reach potential new customers through any other medium but what if your potential customer wants to reach you.

We all know inbound leads have greater chances of converting into sales as compared to the outbound sales process. So, if you want to grow your business and wants to expand your customer base, your business needs a professional website.

5. Reach Global Audiences

Whenever you plan to go global with your products and services you definitely need a professional website for your company or business. Without having a proper online presence, I can’t imagine a brand going global and becoming successful. I personally don’t think it’s possible at all and I actually don’t understand if a brand has the capacity to go global, why can’t or why they don’t have a website.

Even if you don’t have a plan for going global as of now, you may have that plan later. Every company, small or big aims at doing business at a global level, all these big businesses we know today, they all have started from the same place you are now.

So, in any case, even if you have a little chance of going global and wants to attract global customer base your business needs a professional website. You can easily think that whenever you will plan to go global, you can have a website at that time, that’s not right, you should start making your online presence today itself.

6. Around-the-Clock Access

Unlike physical stores or offices, which is only open a few hours a day, a website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So if you are into online business your customers can buy your products or services online when you’re away from your desk or after closing. Even if you are not into an exact online business, you can provide both regular and prospective customers the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your store or office is closed.

Not only that, these days you can have many interactive features and add-ons integrated on your website so that even if you’re closed for the day, your website visitors can still contact you. They can sign up for your courses, they can schedule appointments, they can leave a message for you and many other things. In short, having a website for your business, helps you generate leads for your business even if you are away from the desk or closed for the day.

7. Website Saves Money

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you might be thinking that you can’t afford a professional website. But it’s not true. The cost of website designing and development varies depending on your requirement. You can definitely have a low-cost website if your business still can not afford to have a very huge or professionally made website. That’s still better than not having a website at all.

A website may cost you initially but in the long run, it’s going to save lots of money for your business. A website provides a very effective advertising platform for your product and services. Compared with the cost of traditional means of advertising, such as newspaper ads, radio commercials, promotional materials and even networking events, when you consider the potential market you can reach with a website, it is a very cost-effective way to promote your business.

8. Website Saves Time

Just answer me one question, Do you get repeated calls for the same information? As a business owner you have lots of work and even if you have the team, they have their own work. Answering the same questions about the same things, again and again, costs your or your team’s time.

You can put all these information on your website which is accessible all the time. So that anyone who wants to know about your products or services can check your website and you save lots of time. We all know time is money, if we just relate it to the previous point, saving the time you save money too. Which you can invest somewhere else in your business.

9. Data Collection & Customer Services

One of the reasons why your business needs a professional website is, you can collect data from your customers and can provide them with excellent customer services. We all know customers won’t come to your office to provide you feedback about your product or services unless if they want a refund.

So, having a website will provide you with a process to collect feedback and other important data from your customers so that your support team can provide proper customer service. In this competitive business environment, this small step really makes a big difference to any business success.

10. You Competitor Have Website

Last but not the least, why your business needs a professional website because your competitors have that. If your customers can not find you online they will go to your competitors. This way you will actually send your customers to your competitors and help them grow their businesses.

There could be many other reasons why your business needs a professional website. Not having a business website in today’s time is not at all an option when you can get a professionally made website in an affordable costing. Managing a business website is also very easy these days, thanks to the available CMS platforms. I personally don’t see a big excuse and can neither accept that for not having a business website these days.

Now, What’s Your Reason For Not Going Online?

A few days back I spoke with a small business owner he told me that he doesn’t have a website and he doesn’t need a website too. The reason he gave that he is not looking for more business. He is an electrician and is busy with the number of clients he has and not looking for any new customers.

But if you are someone looking for new customers and actually want to grow your business, you should have a professional website for your business. Even if you are not into an e-commerce or an online business, your website works as a digital business card which gets you more clients or customers to your offline business.

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